Rabbi Moshe Orlowek

Director of Israeli Outreach

Rabbi Moshe Orlowek was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. He learned in Yeshivat Chevron, YG of Detroit, and BMG in Lakewood. While living in New York, he became involved in a Kiruv program for Young Jewish Professionals. There, Moshe met his wife, Dassi, who was also running the program and for the past two years Moshe and Dassi have been running the program together. Moshe has also participated in a rabbinic program under Rabbi Moshe Plutchok and has worked as a director in a real estate investment company. Moshe, Dassi and Gedalya Simcha, their 3 year old son, are excited to serve the Las Vegas community. To contact Moshe, email mosheorlowek@gmail.com