Rabbi Yitzchak Wyne

Rabbi Yitz Wyne 

is the founder and spiritual leader of Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas.

Rabbi Wyne's sense of purpose and fulfillment in life is inextricably connected to the sharing of the timeless Torah knowledge, values and spiritual beauty with the entire Las Vegas community.

Rabbi Wyne credits his dedication to kiruv (bringing Jews closer to Judaism) to Rabbi Weinberg's knowledge, inspiration and dynamic leadership. Before bringing his energy, optimism and unbridled joy for living to KDWN 720 AM as Host of The Rabbi Show, Rabbi Wyne honed his relaxed on-air style with more than five years of professional broadcast experience in the Las Vegas market.

In addition to leading a growing congregation, hosting The Rabbi Show every Sunday at 9 a.m. on KDWN, launching and facilitating a non-denominational inspirational social program called "The Joyful Living Club", recording his weekly 3-minute Torah for Living videos at YouTube.com, corresponding with hundreds of Facebook 'friends,' and speaking often on topics related to his best selling book entitled "Life is Great! Revealing the 7 Secrets to a More Joyful You”, Rabbi Wyne finds time to enjoy life in Las Vegas with his wife, Helene and their six children.

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