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Why Join the Rothschild Society?

The Rothschild Society supports the synagogue’s 23 services each week, over 20 classes each week, 3 weekly youth groups, & a weekly radio show and YouTube Parsha & Holiday videos.  By joining the Rothschild Society you are creating a strong community and spreading Jewish values throughout NV to a diverse & multi-generational group.  

Benefits of joining the Rothschild Society:
– Private learning sessions with Rabbi Wyne, Rabbi Anderson, or Rabbi Orlowek
– Presented with the plaque recognizing members of this category and free entry at the Year-End Cocktail Reception
– Classes led by Rabbi Wyne, Rabbi Anderson and Rabbi Orlowek
– Dynamic Youth Programming
– Adult congregant called to the Torah for an Aliyah during High Holiday services
– Complimentary full page ad in the synagogue’s annual Gala Journal
– Two free tickets to all of the synagogues Shabbatons & programs

*Benefits vary based on your level of Rothschild membership. The benefits listed above are for the highest level.
Silver Rothschild, $3,800; Gold Rothschild, $5,000; Platinum Rothschild, $12,000. All Rothschild dues are payable over the year.

Rothschild Society

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