A Giant Slumbers Within You
A Transformative Self-Growth Seminar Presented by Dr. Adam Milman, The Philosopherdoc!
The Sessions will take place on Sat night, Jan 29 at 7:00 PM and Sun, Jan 30 at 6:00 PM. (Each session is appx 2 hours.) 
Attend in person or on Zoom for one or both life changing seminars.
Please register by paying below. The cost of one session is $20, both sessions for only $35.

A Giant Slumbers Within You

*What determines your emotional state?
How can you change it without medication?
*What are your core values and emotions that determine what you do, think and believe?
*What is your paradigm of the world?
*Why does the paradigm make it so difficult for you to feel pleasure, but so easy for you to feel pain?
*Live intervention with a seminar participant to understand their internal paradigm and whether it is more likely to lead to pleasure or pain. Then, how to change it.