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Membership 2022-2023 / 5783

Families $1,980
Singles and Seniors $1,380

*Early bird special if paid in full by August 30 (must pay membership, youth dept., building, & security fee. Early bird special is a 20% discount on the membership fee only.)

**Includes High Holiday Seats

**20% discount to all new members.

Family membership (with building, paint, security, & youth dept. fee): $2398 ($200/ month) | With early bird discount: $2002 today (you may deduct $100 if you do not have children in the youth dept)
Singles and seniors membership (with building, paint, & security fee): $1698 ($142/month) | With early bird discount: $1422 today
Note: Please go through all 8 steps. If you plan on joining the Rothschild Society, you may skip to step # 8 after completing the membership form.  

Membership benefits include:

– Classes led by and consultations with Rabbi Wyne, Rabbi Anderson, Rabbi Orlowek, Rabbi Shuey, Yoetzet Halacha Stacey Goldman, & Pastoral Counseling
– Use of the shul for lifecycle events.
– Unlimited use of our library.
– Invitations to Shul classes, events, and programs.
– Dynamic Youth Programming.
– Reserved seating for members at High Holiday Services.
– Affiliation with the NCYI and the OU.
– Complete Shabbat and Holiday services and programs.
– Daily services.

Step 1. Complete the online membership form

For returning members: You may skip to step 2. If you would like to update your information, you may fill out the form or contact the synagogue office.

    How do you plan on paying?* (multiple choice)
    I will complete the steps belowI will contact the office to arrange payment by credit cardI will mail a one time checkI will mail monthly checksI cannot afford to pay full membership & would like to someone to contact me to work out a payment plan.

    Step 2. Mandatory. Add the building fee of $118 to your cart (by clicking on the button below).

    The synagogue building is 22 years old & requires maintenance. Thank you for helping to keep our synagogue beautiful.


    Step 3. Mandatory. Add the paint and signage fee of $100 (minimum) to your cart (by clicking on the button below).

    The building has not been repainted since its inception. The signage is in need of repair. Ensure that the building looks good for the New Year!

    Paint & Signage

    Step 4. Mandatory. Security

    The synagogue security consultants & board have advised that the synagogue must continue to retain an armed security guard Shabbat morning & holidays. Choose from one of the options below.

    Armed Security Guard

    Step 5. Mandatory for those with a child/children in the Shabbat morning youth program: Add the Youth Dept. fee of $100 to your cart (by clicking on the button below).

    The synagogue spends over $7,000 on the Shabbat & holiday youth groups each year. While the synagogue is still heavily subsidizing this program, a fee of $100 per family is necessary for the synagogue to continue this program. The fee for non-members will be a mandatory $200. If you are already sending monthly donations to the Youth Department, please continue to step 6.

    Step 6. Consider joining the Kiddush Club 

    The synagogue graciously provides a weekly kiddush whether or not there is a sponsor for that week’s kiddush. The Kiddush Club members help to alleviate the kiddush costs. The money collected for the weekly kiddush (standard kiddush is $360) goes entirely to the caterer.

    Step 7. Recommended. The number of young families in our community has been growing & we employ Yoetzet Halacha Stacey Goldman. Donate any amount below toward this important initiative. 

    A Yoetzet Halacha- lit. Jewish Law Consultant, is a woman trained to teach & answer questions from women in the laws of family purity. It is the observance of these sacred laws and preserving the sanctity of the Jewish home that helps to make Las Vegas a city of Torah & Mitzvoth today & for the future.

    Bring a Yoetzet to Las Vegas

    Step 8. Pay Membership Dues (by adding the appropriate option from the menu below to your cart). Thank you!!

    The early bird special toward the end of the drop down menu expires on August 30 at 11:59 PM.

    Please note Rothschild levels include contributions toward all of the aforementioned causes. 

    Annual Membership

    Or, subscribe for monthly payments: 

    Family Membership Automatic Monthly Payments: $165.00

    Single or Senior Membership Automatic Monthly Payments: $115

    Monthly Membership Payments