This year, the day preceding Passover / Erev Pesach falls out on Shabbat. This setup complicates the timing of some of the pre-Passover rituals. Below is the full schedule for “Pre-Passover”.

(The full rationale is posted below.)

Thursday, March 25 is the fast of the firstborn. It is customary that the firstborn attend a celebration of the completion of a tractate of Talmud “Siyum” and this allows him to eat. The shul will be holding a “Siyum” after Shacharit, at approximately 7:10 AM.

Thursday, March 25 after 7:36 PM | Bedikat Chametz – search for the Chametz

Friday, March 26 at 10:45 AM | Chametz Burning will take place in the shul parking lot.

As per custom, even though it is still permissible to eat Chametz until Shabbat, 10:16 AM, the Chametz that you will not be using on Shabbat should be burned by Friday 11:31 AM.

Shabbat, March 27 

Shacharit | 7:15 AM

Challah rolls or egg Matzah (two, for “Lechem Mishneh”) should be eaten at the Shabbat meal prior to 10:16 AM. All remaining Chametz must be disposed of and becomes completely off limits at 11:31 AM. (Before 11:31 AM one should say the “Kol Chamira” making all of his or her Chametz ownerless.)


Full Rationale:

Torczyner - RCA - Erev Pesach Shabbat FAQ


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