Thursday, April 14

Bedikat Chametz – search for the Chametz | After 7:54 PM

Friday, April 15

Fast of the Firstborn: It is customary that the firstborn attend a celebration of the completion of a tractate of Talmud “Siyum” and this allows him to eat. Peter Dubowsky will be making a “Siyum” on Tractate Makkot after Shacharit | 7:00 AM. Donuts will be served.

Latest time to eat Chametz | 10:03 AM

Chametz Burning will take outside the Peccole Ranch Clubhouse – 9501 Red Hills Rd | 10:30 AM

Latest time to own Chametz | 11:22 AM



Sell your Chametz to a non-Jew for Passover through Rabbi Wyne:

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