Rabbi Yitz Wyne is the founder and spiritual leader of Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas. Rabbi Wyne’s sense of purpose and fulfillment in life is inextricably connected to the sharing of the timeless Torah knowledge, values and spiritual beauty with the entire Las Vegas community.

Special Edition:

Rabbi Yitz Wyne is a guest on “The Vegas Take,” talking about Israel’s Israel’s decision about Reps. Omar & Tlaib entering the country, & the recent white supremacist’s arrest in Las Vegas


Is what you are involved with making you a better person?


Special Father’s Day Edition – What are the essential elements of being a great father, or father figure?  On Father’s day, not only is it important to express your gratitude to your dad, but to also evaluate how are you doing as a father and why it is so important.


Rabbi Show Mother’s Day Edition:  What makes a good mom?


How & Why focusing on Anti-Jewish events makes you HAPPIER


What is more destructive: a shooting in a synagogue or an anti-Jewish cartoon published by the New York Times – and, what can we do about these things?


Memories shape who we are and the decisions we make in the future. What are some of the memories that shape you, and what is your favorite Passover memory?


Things I have learned after 28 years of marriage


Is VP Mike Pence correct for not meeting alone with a woman other than his wife? Do these kind of restrictions elevate or denigrate women?


How do you respond when you encounter anti-semitism / anti-Israel sentiments? The mitzvah to remember what Amalek did and to wipe him out is as relevant today as ever.


What inspires you to be religious? Pew survey concludes the people who are religiously active are happier healthier and more involved in the broader community. Does that inspire anyone to be more observant?


G-d doesn’t forgive participants of ISIS. Should we?….When is a “mistake” too big to be forgiven?


Do people really change, and should we hold people accountable for “sins” they did when they were young?


How much of your estate should you leave to your children? What kind of Legacy do you want to leave behind after you die and how are you planning on doing it?


It used to be that the “American Dream” was for a person to own their home and be financially stable.  According to Pew Research, that has changed. What is the “Jewish Dream” and how does it differ from the new American Dream?


Do you feel calm and happy that G-d will ensure that all of your needs will be taken care of?  By looking at the partial U.S. Government shut down, explore how to increase your confidence and reliance on the Almighty.


What are the essential elements for a group of slaves to develop into a great nation?  Rabbi Wyne takes you through the story, and shares lessons from our national development that touch our personal lives.


Is building a wall on the Southern U.S. border immoral? Who and how can one determine that?
                    – Introducing “I’ll Try” by Aharon Wyne


Insights into making it a GREAT Rosh HaShana


Topic: What don’t you like about religion or religious people?  A recent PEW  Study shows that 42% of US  Jews have reject their religion.  Why is this and what can be done about it?


What are appropriate boundaries between the sexes? Is there a problem with hugging, shaking hands or praying together?


If you don’t like something in your religion: do you change or do you change the religion?…. This past week the Pope Francis changed the Catholic religion by deeming, “Capital punishment inadmissible under all circumstances” … explore the negative effects of this for the world even if you are not a Catholic.


Why are you (or aren’t you) a member of a synagogue?  Synagogue membership is declining, what do you think the reasons for that are?


Friends are indispensable when it comes to living a happy life. Why is it that people don’t spend more time cultivating the relationships?


Tisha B’Av; Why is there suffering in the world and how are we to deal with it?   One of the most productive attitudes a person can have is to take responsibility for the difficulties in their life.  Learn how and why did this attitude saved the Jewish People.

7/15/18  Why is it that prayer sometimes seems to be effective and sometimes it doesn’t? What can we do about it?

7/1/18  How religious tolerance is an American invention and Why being a better Jew makes you a better American

6/24/18  Does the immigration crisis make you a better and more G-dly person?

6/17/18  The Rabbi Show topic: What qualities are important to be a good father?

Why is it that God is almost always depicted in the masculine?… The reasons for this illustrate some of the most important qualities necessary to be a good father.

6/10/18  Suicide rates are up 25% – what does Judaism say and what could be done about it?

5/13/18  Why it is important that the US Embassy is moved to Jerusalem?

5/6/18  The benefits of sharing your faith with others

4/15/18  Remembering the remembering of the Holocaust

4/8/18  When do you you speak your mind and speak up?

3/25/18  Fun things to say at your Passover Seder

3/11/18 Want to Date your wife for life? Do this….

2/5/18 Does G-d care who wins the Super Bowl?

1/21/18 Discovering Your Unique Role in the World


Enhancing Your Interpersonal Relationships


Part 1: Is the United States declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, good for the world or bad for the world?

Part 2: Why is loyalty so important?


Part 1: How do you develop and keep your feeling of being grateful?

Part 2: How do you develop and keep your feeling of being grateful?


Part 1: The Kosher Cop – Detective Sergeant Steve Riback

Part 2: The Kosher Cop – Detective Sergeant Steve Riback

Pt 1- Politicians, Athletes and Celebrities… what can we expect?

Pt 2 – should public figures be our role models?