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Summer Shabbos Schedule:

Mincha 7:00 PM 

7/12/2014  Candle Lighting (Latest) 7:41 PM

7/13/2014  Shabbos Ends @ 8:45 PM

8:50 AM Shacharis

9:45 AM Torah Service

11:00 AM Shabbos Drusha given by Rabbi Wyne

11:20 AM Mussaf or Learning Option: An adult beginner class in the educational sanctuary 

11:50 AM Community Kiddush

6:30 PM Women's Learning with Rabbi Wyne

7:35 Mincha

Seuda Shlishis


Following Maariv, we end Shabbos together with a community Havdalah

Weekly Newsletter

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Board Of Trustees

Dr. Adam Milman, Chairman
Jeri Goldman, Secretary
Dr. Yosef Kahn
Hadassa Lefkowitz
Nachshon Leopold
Beth Sroka
Akiva Stockman

Dear friends,

On the seventh day of Operation Protective Edge, Hamas continues to strike Israeli cities and fires tens of rockets at civilian populations from as far south as Ofakim, and as far north as Haifa.

Sirens were blaring Sunday afternoon as a big barrage of rockets was shot at the center of the country Bnei Brak, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Rishon L'Tzion, Ranaana and Petach Tikva.

Connections Israel staff and volunteers continue to go to the south every few days to purchase necessary items and care packages for the soldiers from suffering businesses in the south.

The IDF needs all the support it can get in this time of crisis, and Connections Israel is on the ground assisting them in every way we can by appealing to communities around the world for support, and helping the business and soldiers close to the Gaza border. 
To get involved press here.

We truly believe that the support of the entire Jewish world, with its energy, gives wings to our soldiers, wings that help protect them in battle and to destroy our enemies.

Please join us in contributing to the IDF's morale as much as we can, and share this e-mail with your friends and family to help our soldiers as well.

IDF air cratft attacks a Terror team on the beach near Ashkelon

In this link there is a video of five terrorists who tried to infiltrate Israel and fire on IDF positions

In addition to rocket fire, Hamas has tried to carry out several other types of terror attack, mainly infiltrations by sea and by tunnel. They dug a tunnel in the Kerem Shalom area, and managed to infiltrate in to an IDF basic training base in the area. Needless to say, they were eliminated by IDF troops before being able to harm soldiers or civilians. This attempt, was carried out by the Hamas commando units who infiltrated from the sea. After the fire fight, IDF troops found an alarming amount of grenades and other explosive materials leading them to believe that they were planning to carry out a large scale attack.

Female soldiers watching the Radar and cameras round Gaza

Naval Coastal Radar Operators are those who monitor Israel's coastal borders and make sure that there are no infiltrations from the sea. In a case like last week, where terrorists attempted to infiltrate, they are responsible for alerting soldiers in the area. This is a tough job and requires incredible amount of concentration and constant focus on the screens and radars. Losing focus for even a moment could result in lives lost. It is because of these ladies, that the terrorists were unable to do any harm last week!

Kol Hakavod ladies!!

Wishing you all a good day. 
The Connections Israel staff.

Mission & Vision

“To bring about a renaissance of the Jewish people by communicating the beauty and wisdom of Torah in a warm, friendly, community where Jews can thrive in their spiritual pursuits”

Young Israel Aish  Las Vegas is a 501 c(3) 

not-for-profit organization

All donations are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.