Candle Lighting Times

Shabbos Beshalach
Exodus 13:17-17:16

Shabbos Comes In
January 30 @ 4:47 PM

Shabbos ends
January 31 @ 5:47 PM

Weekday Services:


Monday-Friday: 6:30 AM

Sunday/Federal Holidays: 8:00 AM

Shabbos (Saturday) 8:50 AM


Sun 1/25 - Fri 1/30 @ 4:45 PM

Monthly Davening Schedule

Are you planning a visit to Las Vegas?  Welcome to Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas!  To make your visit as comfortable as possible, our community offers the following  ...




Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas mission:

“To bring about a renaissance of the Jewish people by communicating the beauty and wisdom of Torah in a warm, friendly, community where Jews can thrive in their spiritual pursuits”

 On Feb  10 & 17, Rabbi Wyne's Tuesday night classes will be all about the Shabbos! The two free learning sessions are for everyone who has ever felt intimidated by a lack of knowledge or comfort with the many rituals and laws associated with Shabbos. By attending both of these special classes, you too will be ready to say:



Annual $100,000 Raffle

~Drawing in March 2015~

Early Bird Special drawing for a

~Beautiful Hand Written Megilah~

for ALL entries submitted


February 27, 2015

~Depending on entry level~

Prizes include but are

not limited to:

$100,000 Cash

4 tickets to Eretz Yisroel


$5,000 Cash

$2,000 Visa Gift Card at Toys R Us, Costco, or Macy's

Kiki Custom Sheitel

Family Villa Vacation in Florida

Entry Levels

~discounts apply for multiple ticket entries~

$100 - All prizes

$36   - Limited Prizes 

~Does not include Grand Prize~

$18   - Specific Prizes

~ Does not include Grand Prize~


Please click the hyperlink below for a copy of the Raffle Ticket:


Entry can be in one of the following ways:

  • Print out the Raffle Ticket and mail in your payment.

  • Call or email us in the office.

(818) 876-0550


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Shabbos January 24 4:00 pm

Men's Class w/ Rabbi Anderson Announcing a new series: 

Survey of the Talmud: How the Talmud is Relevant to Your Life

 We are pleased to welcome a very special Guest Speaker to YI Aish next Shabbos, Jan. 31 (Shabbos Shira). Please join us next week immediately after Kiddush when Chemie Wyne will speak about..

"What's G-d Got to Do With It?"